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We are appealing to our immediate and international community to help to build a mosque as there was in the time of the Holy prophet Mohammed (saw) it needs to be at the centre of our lives and shining with spiritual direction in this perplexingly material world

We have been working in Nelson for the last 40 years and we pray and hope added value to the social contribution of our community. We want to do much more and to also reach out to our non muslim friends the hand of understanding love and spiritual benefit. We believe if God is not part of our lives than that emptyness in our hearts will be filled by material or egotistical forces that will in turn lead us to emptier and more selfish lives. So please understand and come forward to help us build a better future.

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"We believe that this is one of the most exciting projects in the area and is reaching out to all faiths and members of the community"

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