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As you can see it a very big project and needs a lot of resources, so we are asking our Muslim brothers and sisters for interest free loan as well as donations. If Allah has given you some money that you don't need for a few years you can lend it to the Masjid for a few years and it will be returned to you with thanks.

Allah will give you reward for this in this life and in hereafter.

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Please Donate

We accept all major debit and credit cards.and are also with Justgiving

Gift Aid Declaration Explanation If you are an individual UK taxpayer, paying income tax and/or capital gains tax, you can make your donations grow by nearly 30%, at no extra cost to you!

UK Islamic Mission Nelson / Madina Masjid Nelson can claim back the tax you have paid on your donations, under Inland Revenue's Gift Aid Declaration scheme. For every £10 you donate, we can claim an extra £2.80 from the Inland Revenue. All you need to do is authorize us by ticking the box opposite.

Your tax bill for the year of your donation must be at least equal to the amount that we claim for that year.

Click here for more information on the Gift Aid Declaration scheme

Refund Policy

UK Islamic Mission is a registered charity working in the United Kingdom, which offers a range of services including welfare and relief to individuals and communities.

Donations and contributions are received and spent to help the less fortunate in society. Where a donor seeks a refund, the trustees and management of the UK Islamic Mission Nelson / Madina Masjid Nelson will have the discretion to warrant such a request based on a written application.

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"We believe that this is one of the most exciting projects in the area and is reaching out to all faiths and members of the community"

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